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Cabinet Roller Towel Pack 12

£122.28 + VAT


Cabinet Roller Towel Pack 12 (Launder Only)

Looking after your cabinet roller towels is very easy, we provide a maintenance POST BACK service to maintain your cabinet roller towels, this requires the purchase of one of our towel exchange packages.

Cabinet Roller Towel Pack 12

Cotton roller towel dispensers – towel usage/service frequency low washroom traffic. 

This Purchase Is For A Launder Service Pack Only.

  • 2-3 users per roller towel machine 3 times per day = towel change approximately every 4 weeks

This package is for laundering 12 rolls per year starting from the purchase date for 12 months only ; once we receive your soiled cabinet roller towel we will return a fully laundered roller towel back usually on a next working day basis of equal quality.

Save £ many multinationals are now charging a minimum order of £10 per week  

Cabinet Roller Towel Pack 12

To facilitate this exchange service you must have adequate stock on site.

  • Cabinet roller towel in the machine x 1
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel spare
  • 1 x cabinet roller towel in for service at Rentex

Once you purchase your package we will provide you with 12 launder packs on account, as this service is spread over a 12 month period we can only provide return delivery to you as this cost is managed by us based on 5 kg weight per consignment. 

When posting back for exchange you must provide a reference to your site such as a compliment slip, account ref or invoice copy. 

Cabinet roller towel pack 12 is for the following CRT cabinet roller towel rolls.

  • Blue

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Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg

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