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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid Gel 5 Litre – 60%

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Liquid gel hand sanitiser



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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid Gel 5 Litre

Bactericidal hand sanitizer liquid gel 5 litre bulk container. This 60% alcohol based hand sanitising product has been developed to the high standards. Rentex hand sanitizers contain the specified amount of alcohol that is required which is the main ingredient responsible for killing 99.99% of germs by disrupting the metabolism of the bacterial cells.

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid Gel 5 Litre
Rentex hand sanitiser 5 litre

Even seemingly clean surfaces can harbor large numbers of harmful bacteria. Our easy to use hand sanitiser provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitize there hands. And also to reduce the effects of cross contamination in the work place.

Product Features

  • Manufactured in the UK 🇬🇧
  • Compliant to BS EN 1276 standards
  • 60% alcohol content
  • Capacity: 1 x 5 litre
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001
  • Excellent preventive measure against the spread of seasonal flu, colds, and also other viral diseases and bacterial infections
  • Effective against 99.99% of all harmful bacteria commonly found

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Liquid Gel 5 Litre

This liquid hand sanitising gel is non tainting and also contains moisturiser, is ideally suited to nurseries, cafes, schools, canteens and food production areas.

How to apply Rentex hand sanitiser 

  • Put enough alcohol gel on hands to cover all surfaces
  • Rub hands together, until hands feel dry. around 20 seconds
  • Don’t rinse or wipe off the hand sanitiser before it’s dry

Here are a few steps to help protect yourself  

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, using soap and water (where possible) or an Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser
  • Try not to touch your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Use Face Masks when in public or busy works spaces
  • Cover nose and mouth with a bent elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of tissue immediately after use
  • Keep surfaces clean and also disinfected

Our phone lines are busy with the high demand for these items please use the buy it now option to make a purchase.

FFP1 Face Mask Features:
  • Personal use to prevent spread of infection from yourself and for protection from other people’s germs
  • To prevent cross-infection in surgical, medical, dental and food preparation environments
  • FFP1 Disposable 3 ply design with flexible ear loops for a comfortable fit
  • High bacterial filtration efficiency
  • Fully enclosed wire frame flexible nose piece
  • Protects against dust also sawdust and other airborne irritants
  • Soft, odorless as well as non-irritating

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