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Washroom Vending Machine Services in Yorkshire

Rentex Hygiene Services based in Wakefield provide stylish, washroom hygiene vending machines on a full maintenance refill rental service in the Yorkshire area, providing extra washroom products and services maintains a positive image for staff, visitors and clients. Rentex Hygiene Services can help you achieve high washroom hygiene standards with our hygiene consumable vending machines installed.

Vending Machine Rental Service

Condom machine rental services in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene. All our commercial vending machines are made for demanding washrooms with a market leading coin mechanism to provide extra reliability with a steel construction outer case, Our friendly uniformed service operatives call on a scheduled service visit in the Yorkshire area to maintain and replenish your stock levels within the vending units with a range of high quality hygiene consumable products.

Vending Product Range

At Rentex Hygiene Services condom vending machines compliment most female and gents washrooms with our white range being the most popular as they blend in with most bathroom & washroom fittings. For a more prestigious look bespoke units can be provided, the dual column vending machines vend a range of condoms and feminine hygiene supplies.

Vending machine purchase

Rentex Hygiene Service also understand that certain businesses would rather purchase vending machines and manage the product in house , please visit our online store for a range of washroom vending machines and refill products .

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