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Hand Sanitiser Alcohol Bulk 20

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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Bulk 20  

Bulk buy save £ on our quality hand sanitiser, even seemingly clean surfaces can harbor large numbers of harmful bacteria. Our easy to use hand sanitiser systems provide the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitise there hands. This also to reduces the effects of cross contamination in the work place.

Pack Includes

  • 2 x 5 litre ethanol alcohol hand sanitiser
    Alcohol hand sanitiser 5 litres
    Rentex 70% Alcohol Sanitiser

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Bulk 20

Hygiene experts, the NHS and Public Health England all agree that to kill most viruses, a hand sanitiser requires at least 70%+ alcohol content. This five-litre container helps to conserve water as the user simply rubs the sanitiser all over the surfaces of their hands until they are dry.

Enables individuals to quickly and effectively clean their hands to control germs and helps to prevent viruses such as flu and germs spreading.

What other preventative measures can you take to prevent spreading germs and infection?

Here are a few more steps you can use, along with the use of safety masks to protect yourself from harmful substances in the environment:

  • Perform hand hygiene frequently, using soap and water (where possible) or an alcohol based band sanitiser
  • Try not to touch your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover nose and mouth with a bent elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and dispose of tissue immediately after use
  • Use Face Masks when distancing isn’t possible
  • Keep surfaces clean and also disinfected


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