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Cheap Washroom Services

Cheap Washroom Services – Cost Cutting In The Washroom

Cheap washroom services can be very detrimental to your business. This also looks bad but also can cost you extra money in the misuse of hygiene products.

Using low quality products will give a negative image to your business and facilities.  If your washrooms look neglected and in a poor state of maintenance this can build up an image in your visitor’s mind that other parts of your facilities are also of concern.

Cheap Washroom Services

Cheap washroom services is it cost effective ?.  In today’s competitive market to gain new customers and retain regular visitors it’s imperative that you focus on your washrooms. cheap washroom servicesCheap services might save you money in the short term but more and more emphasis is now placed by visitors on washroom hygiene and cleanliness.

At Rentex Hygiene Ltd we understand that service must not compromise your image. Our business development representative can guide you through our commercial washroom products and work out an affordable washroom service plan.

The two main images have been taken from a poorly managed site cutting costs.

An Alternative Cost Efficient Approach 

Our washroom service plans are designed around your visitors requirements. In most cases we can not only upgrade your facilities but may also save you money by providing more efficient systems.

Still using an unreliable supplier ?cheap washroom services

We have also created two washroom service product ranges.

Classic White Range This range is our most popular and blends perfectly into most washroom facilities, these dispensers and units have been designed with the end user in mind and are ideally suited to a wide range of sectors and environment.

Designer Range  This range of dispensers is the ideal solution for customers who want to enhance their corporate brand and maintain an high image but also adapts itself to the smaller business user who wants a wow factor within the facilities.

Don’t let your current service provider let you down, contact us for a service plan that works.


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