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Baby Changing Table Facilities

Rentex Hygiene Services based in Wakefield near Leeds within West Yorkshire provide nappy baby changing table facilities for parents and carers whilst visiting your premises, it is important to provide an adequate means of washroom facilities and maintain a positive image for parents with young children.

Rentex Hygiene Services can help you achieve high hygiene standards in your baby change area. With our professional Nappy Bin Services provided.

Visitors with young children are more likely to recommend your business to other families when experiencing a high degree of personal washroom products within the changing area.

Using our bio active Neutrabin bin sanitizer shows a further commitment to the high quality hygiene standards you are aiming for within your washroom.

Baby Changing Table Facilities

Some baby changing facilities that benefit from using baby change tables.

  • Nurseries as well as play centres
  • Restaurants and also cafes
  • Bars
  • Health centres

Baby changing table product purchase

Rentex Hygiene Services also provide a selection of high quality Baby changing units and bin sanitisers for outright sale. Please visit our online shop.
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