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Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Refills

Automatic Washroom Air Freshener Dispenser Refills

Our commercial grade automatic air freshener dispenser refills are specifically designed for the use in battery powered aerosol units.  Using quality refills provides the user with a pleasant fragrance within the work place environment.

Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser Refills and Services in Yorkshire

Research as shown that malodours in the work place can have a negative effect on staff and customers who use your facilities. By enhancing the atmosphere within your premises you will promote a proactive and positive attitude. 

Rentex Hygiene Services based in Wakefield West Yorkshire provide an automatic battery operated aerosol Air Freshener Refills that dispenses a long lasting fragrance within any workplace environment. Mainly washrooms but can also provide odour neutralising in sports gyms & changing facilities, receptions, nurseries, and offices. keeping your business smelling fresh and clean.

automatic air freshener dispenser refills
automatic air freshener dispenser refills

AirCare Key Benefits

Our air care product range is suitable for all locations and as part of a co-ordinated washroom product range of hygiene system.

Serviced on a regular basis in the Yorkshire and the surrounding area by our friendly uniformed service operatives.

  • Pleasant experience for washroom visitors
  • Maintained & managed air care systems
  • Low service charges
  • Lockable wall mounted units reduced pilferage
  • Range of seasonal concentrated fragrances

Rentex Air Freshener Rental Service

Air freshener rental services in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene.  All our dispensers are made for demanding commercial washrooms, they are key lockable and are fixed to walls. They will automatically dispense a burst of fragrance to combat malodours. Our air care service operatives call on a scheduled service visit to maintain and replenish your air freshener dispenser units. 

Air Freshener Product Rangeautomatic air freshener dispenser refills

At Rentex Hygiene Services we offer a selection of premium dispensers to suit most locations. Our white dispenser range being the most popular for washrooms as they blend in with most bathroom & washroom fittings.

For a more prestigious look our chrome and black units are proving popular with the more executive company washroom. We also understand that some smaller businesses just want to purchase air fresheners so we also have a range of standard units for sale in our online store


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