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School Entrance Mats

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School Entrance Mats

Our School Entrance Mats offer the perfect entrance solution for your school, office or warehouse. With rubber edging, our mats sit firmly and securely on most entrance surfaces.

School Entrance Mats – Safety & Preventing slips and falls

Wet, slippery floors are dangerous.  School entrance mats are perfect on rainy or snowy days with water being walked in on shoes.  When water settles on the floor, the moment a shoe touches down, the fluid is trapped under the shoe and the person slips, similar to hydroplaning. The person loses control and falls.  This may lead to expensive fines and compensations.

Choosing Commercial Mats What to look for:

  • School Entrance mats need a high water absorption rate to clean and dry shoes.  Absorption capacities between 4 to 5 litres of water per square meter are suitable for heavy footfall traffic areas.
  • Shoes should touchdown at least three times on the matting for best performance.
  • Mixed blend or tri-grid patterns in darker colours help to hide dirt between services. This maintains the appearance of the entrance matting.
  • Commercial rental grade crush resistant mats will tolerate more wear and keep its appearance and functionality longer in high traffic conditions.

High Quality Mats & Keeping Up Appearances

Your school entrance is the building’s first impression.  Our school entrance mats come in a range of colours and patterns to match any interior and improve the overall aesthetics of the entrance giving it a professional, stylish and upscale appearance.

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Even in between services, entrance mats should continue to look great after thousands of people have walked over them.

Functionality – Removing Dirt

Proper placement of entrance matting can reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the school buildings. This would otherwise get trapped in interior carpeting.

Dirty carpets have a texture that is similar to a razor, and as interior carpets are walked on, their fibres can be cut. This shortens the overall life span of the carpet.

Within the first 6 feet, 42 % of the floor’s finish or carpet nap will be removed after only 1500 people have entered.

Heavy duty school entrance mats & matting also absorb much of the initial abuse to extend the life of the interior flooring or carpeting.

The more dirt that’s removed at the entrance, the less can become airborne inside the building, thereby also improving air quality.  We recommend serviced entryway walk-off mats at all regularly used, exterior-to-interior entrances.

Entrance Mats

What to look for:

  • Entrance mats should be made from coarser yarns that also scrape shoes in transit to remove dirt and grime.
  • We also recommend serviced walk off loose lay mats at least (300cm) 10 feet long for best results.


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