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Ryder Vehicle Rental

Ryder Vehicle Rental Commercial Hire

Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd are pleased to provide Ryder vehicle rental with commercial rubber backed dirt control mats. Our launderable mats are designed to prevent dirt and grime from entering your business premises.

ryder vehicle rental
Dirt control mats

Ryder vehicle rental is a UK leading provider of commercial, contract hire, maintenance and dedicated contract hire delivery solutions. 

They work hard to understand your business and transportation requirements, and appreciate that every company and operation is different.

That’s why each offer is tailored to suit your individual transportation needs and also requirements.

Ryder Vehicle Rental About Them

In 1971 Ryder vehicle rental was established in the UK with 250 trucks, in 1987 they enter the German market establishing Ryder Gmbh. Moving forward to 2005 they announce a £36 million replacement and upgrade programme for its rental fleet of vehicles.

During 2009 they win a multi-million pound contract hire deal with Premier Foods in the UK.

Latest News

Adding 10 trucks and seven trailers to The Hain Daniels Group’s chilled distribution fleet. Boosting its Ryder-sourced contract hire fleet to 22 trucks and 10 trailers. The sole supplier to Hain Daniels since 2005 and the new vehicles will include Iveco 7.5-tonners and DAF 18t and 26t fridge trucks fitted with Carrier direct-drive chiller units.

Hain Daniels, whose brands include New Covent Garden Soup Co, Hartley’s, Robertson’s and SunPat, as well as a wide range of desserts, prepared fruit and juices, operates a national distribution centre in Peterborough.

The company uses rigid vehicles for city centre deliveries as well as to supermarket chains, hotels and foodservice outlets. They also use tractor units and trailers sourced from this hire company for bulk deliveries from its 8 UK manufacturing plants.

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