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Mercury Washroom Dispensers

Mercury washroom dispensers are perfect for commercial washrooms. That require a secure attractive wall mounted hand soap dispenser, hand towel dispenser, toilet tissue dispensers and waste disposal units.

mercury washroom dispensers

All are classy and modern. With its stainless steel finish they will provide any washroom with a touch of luxury. It is the ideal dispenser for high-end facilities, such as stylish hotels or trendy restaurants & lounge bars. 

Thanks to the interchangeability of its pumps and containers for the Modular soap dispensers. With this feature – exclusive on the market – the distribution of soap dispensers becomes diversified and flexible.

Mercury Washroom Dispensers Product Services

Dispensers are available as a foam soap system on service which is very popular with facilities managers, the 900 ml compartment is ideal for busy commercial washrooms. All other mercury washroom dispensers are available as an outright purchase option from our online store.

Mercury washroom dispensers
Soap dispenser

Hand Soap Dispenser Rental  

As part of a contract maintenance service our stylish hand soap dispensers add an immediate luxurious touch with a two side viewing window to check stock levels and a strong durable design makes this a great washroom addition.

Regular service refill visits by our washroom service operatives ensures your site is never without hand washing facilities. These mercury washroom dispensers are available as a foam soap system only and are ideal for busy commercial washrooms.

On each site visit our professional washroom staff with check your mercury washroom dispensers levels and replenish when required, along with maintaining other washroom items such as feminine hygiene units, automatic air fresheners, urinal sanitisers and urinal mats.

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Mercury Washroom Dispensers Paper Hand Towel Units

Mercury washroom dispensers
Hand towel holder

These popular mercury washroom dispensers are available as an outright purchase option and paper refills can be delivered as part of a washroom maintenance package. 

The Mercury paper towel dispenser fits the smallest of washrooms. But has the style to carry off bigger luxury spaces too.

With its minimalist good looks and clean stainless steel finish, it is an attractive addition to any smart washroom. The mercury washroom dispensers fit two packs of interleaved towels (C-fold, Z-fold etc.) and has two viewing windows to check stock levels.

The mercury dispenser fits two packs of interleaved paper hand towels 65mm deep to 255mm wide. They are part of a coordinated range of washroom dispensers that use a universal key locking system to prevent pilferage.

Mercury Toilet Tissue & Roll Dispensers 

Mercury washroom dispenserst
Toilet roll holder

The range would not be complete without providing toilet tissue units and these come in two types multiflat units are designed for use with bulk pack toilet tissues, whilst the ever popular mini jumbo mercury washroom dispensers are designed for 200mm jumbo toilet rolls.

The Mercury jumbo toilet roll dispensers offer a clever combination of style and practicality. Its design enables a full mini jumbo roll alongside a part stub roll, reducing paper waste and helping to keep the cubicle neat and tidy. While its stainless steel finish brings an immediate touch of modern luxury to any washroom.

These Mercury jumbo toilet roll dispensers are perfect for commercial corporate washrooms and facilities that require a designer look. With a coordinated range of our designer sanitary units these products are great for image conscious sites.

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