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Mat Rental Services Nottingham

Dirt Barrier Mat Rental Services in Nottingham

Dirt control barrier mat rental services Nottingham by Rentex Hygiene Services, our dirt control mats collect dirt and debris from foot traffic entering your premises, all dust control matting will only absorb a certain amount of debris before becoming compacted and reduce the efficiency and performance of the mats effectively becoming a large dust pan at your door.

Not having your mats serviced will result in a source of dirt that will walk further in to your premises. With over 20 years experience in the floor care services sector our mat rental service Nottingham team work with you to establish your dirt barrier Mat Rental protection requirements.

Our standard range of loose lay mats provide an effective and efficient way of removing dirt and grime from foot traffic by trapping grit and moisture within the dirt barrier mat reducing floor cleaning costs and slips on wet floors.

Mat Rental Services Nottingham Weekly or Fortnightly

Rentex mat rental services Nottingham representatives call on a scheduled service visit in the Nottingham area to exchange your soiled dirt barrier mats with laundered mats on a lift and lay service.mat rental services nottingham

Mat rental services Nottingham professionally laundered mats, upon each site visit your entrance dirt control barrier mats are regularly replaced with professionally cleaned mats and the dirty mats removed from site for specialist cleaning, for this service we have two barrier mats in rotation to facilitate the mat service exchange so you are never left without floor protection.

Loose Lay Dirt Barrier Mat Key Areas:

  • Reception entrances
  • Drinks & water vending machines
  • Photocopiers
  • Corridors in warehouses and offices
  • Shop counters
  • Offices
  • Trade counters
  • Restaurants

Looking for a Mat Rental Services Nottingham business quotation, please use our online quotation link.

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Mat Rental Services Nottingham Service Frequencies

As our mats are for commercial use and manufactured to retain as much dirt and grime as possible most of our mat rental customers have a fortnightly mat exchange service. Mat rental services Nottingham can also provide a weekly mat exchange for customers that require a higher service frequency.

Higher service visits are usually required in busy restaurants were cotton mats are the best choice as they retain oil and grease to builders and plumbers merchants trade counters which benefit from high twist nylon matting.

We supply a range of industry standard mat sizes; 85 cm x 150 cm – 120 cm x 180 cm – 85 cm x 300 cm


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