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Dust Mat Rolling Machine

Dust Mat Rolling Machine

Dust Mat Rolling Machine For Dirt Control Matting

A good reliable dust mat rolling machine is important for meeting everyday production requirements, having serviced mats for over 15 years we understand how important this simple and productive dust mat rolling machine can be.

Recognising a need to return to the basics of simplicity and reliability we have chosen a dust mat rolling machine which will enable us to speed up production at one of our mat processing facilities in Yorkshire. dust mat rolling machine

Our new dust mat rolling machine has an extremely efficient and durable mat rolling system design, and incorporates a number of features in the design to increase reliability and help reduce processing down time.

The main benefits of using a dust mat rolling machine is simple; mats can be rolled by one operator, mats rolled correctly will mean mats stack better and last longer.

Rolling mats will prevent splitting and cracking which will happen when mats are folded constantly over a long period of time.

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Dust Mat Rolling Machine Dirt Control Matting

Most dust mat rolling machine usage is by commercial mat rental businesses, the dust mat rolling machine is designed for use by a single operator.

Mats should be clean and dry when placed on the dust mat rolling machine as rolling damp mats will cause mildew also each mat should be placed on the dust mat rolling machine one at a time and then automatically returns back to the operator rolled.

Larger machines such as the Inwatec dust mat rolling machine will roll the mats at the rear of the machine ready for picking and storage.

Dust Mat Rolling Machine Storage of Mats

Additionally when storing your clean rolled mats we recommend the use of a mat storage system these can be bought in kit form or simply made from MDF.

For optimal packing of mats it is important that the mats are tight and uniform rolled, using a mat storage system will speed up route loading and sorting of bespoke customer logo mats.

The tray support storage system provides a very large surface area.  Unlike the honeycomb style mat storage system that can be very confusing with the storage compartments.

Each mat storage section can be identified with customer name or service route.

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