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Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Units

Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Disposal Units At Work

How many feminine sanitary hygiene units at work ? If you employ female staff or have female visitors to your site you may be required by law to provide a suitable means of waste disposal facilities in the female washrooms.

It is not worth the hassle of a your drains being blocked and the associated plumbing costs or even a large fine imposed on you by your local environmental officer by avoiding the use of sanitary bins. Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Units

Most companies provide feminine sanitary hygiene units in each toilet. However, you may wish to place a unit in just one or some of the cubicles, as a guide one sanitary disposal unit will cater for 8-10 females.

We recommend placing a feminine sanitary hygiene units in each female cubicle and generally this is the better option. More sanitary hygiene disposal units that are on site will benefit from discounted rates.

You are not required by law to have these feminine sanitary hygiene units in each washroom cubicle, if you are unsure about placing feminine sanitary waste disposal units in each cubicle purely based on cost.

Remember that you may suffer from problems with drains due to products entering the waste system by sanitary towels being placed in the toilet within the other water closets.

Feminine sanitary hygiene units at work frequently asked questions.

Can’t waste towels be flushed down the toilet?

Flushing sanitary towels down the toilet can block drains, either yours or further down the line. Also even if it didn’t block the drains it would end up polluting the environment. Water Industries Act 1991 states that no items should be flushed that could cause a blockage within a sewer or a drain.

feminine sanitary hygiene units, why can’t we do the service ourselves just like at home, sanitary waste from home is exempt from regulations as no other people are likely to come into contact with the waste other than yourself.

How many toilets should we have on site, We have provided a link to the Health & Safety Executives site for details regarding this legislation within the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. Regulation 20, Sanitary conveniences:

Ordering Online ?

A very cheap quote may be reflected in the level of service you will receive. Many internet companies will subcontract out all their work and when the price is driven down it is often the onsite service and customer service that suffers in the long term.

Many washroom internet brokers have no direct links to washroom service staff and operatives, always using sub-contractors.

However, additionally this type of so called washroom Hygiene Service Company might not be very good at paying its bills and often the sub-contract washroom service companies will withdraw service for their customers i.e. you without notice.

Rentex do not sub contract out any of our feminine sanitary hygiene units or services all washroom operatives are employed by us.

We do provide an online quotation facility but also welcome direct calls within our office hours Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

How To Save Money In Your Washrooms

The first step in saving on your washroom expenditure is to access what you need to fulfill your legal obligations as an employer; most commercial buildings require an adequate means of hand washing, hand drying and waste disposal units within the male and female washroom areas and are classed as a Duty of Care at work.

A few questions commonly asked about washroom facilities:

Hand soap dispensers

How many soap dispensers should I have. In busy locations it is recommended and good practice to provide at least two quality soap dispensing units for a bank of three wash basins.

Hand drying facilities

Providing a suitable hand drying option is also required by law within the workplace, this can be provided in a number of ways such as paper hand towels, cotton hand towels, cabinet rollers towels or electric hand dryers.

All these hand drying options come with various problems and we would recommend a contract service for medium to busy washrooms.

We have provided this post on how many feminine sanitary hygiene units at work as a guide for business users, for full legal advice we recommend contacting your local environmental office.


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