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64 Feminine Hygiene Units Leeds

Feminine sanitary hygiene units Leeds. A large contract in Leeds West Yorkshire, Rentex supply large International business distribution facilities and offices in Leeds.

The service of the washroom products including feminine hygiene vending machines will be undertaken by our own uniformed staff.

feminine sanitary hygiene units leeds
White sanitary bin

The installation of our white pedal operated feminine sanitary hygiene units will provide a professional look to the customers washrooms rather than the grey units currently used.

Servicing of the 64 sanitary bins will be by our friendly trained male or female washroom service technicians who will call to maintain the feminine hygiene disposal bins in a discreet and professional manner within the female washroom areas.

On the scheduled Sanitary Bin Services day they will remove the internal liner and replace with a new one and also apply a dose of our Bio Active neutrawaste sanitary bin sanitizer which helps to reduce odours and kills pathogens within the receptacle.

Lastly the unit is thoroughly cleaned and all waste removed from site under licence for safe disposal to comply with legal duties under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Regulations 1992

Feminine sanitary hygiene units Leeds full service.

The female units are on a full maintenance refill rental service in the high usage ladies washrooms, providing extra washroom products and services such as vending machines maintains a positive image for staff, visitors and clients.


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