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Cabinet Roller Towel Machines

Cabinet Roller Towel Machines. Rentex based in Wakefield after the national supplier increased prices three times in one year. And then also introduced an environmental charge.

cabinet roller towel machines
cabinet roller towel machines

Roller Towel Machines

Rentex Hygiene was approached to provide a contract quotation for the provision of these hand towel machines. With a regular roller towel exchange service required.

The Kennedy cabinet roller towel machines installed are now in full operation. Service are furthermore carried out by our own uniformed washroom operatives.

Services in Yorkshire

All our machines are manufactured for busy and demanding washroom environments. They are also key lockable and require little maintenance.

Friendly and in particular professional uniformed service operatives call on a scheduled service visit in the Yorkshire area.

We maintain and replenish your units with our Roller Towel Services strong and absorbent clean cotton roller towels direct to your sites washroom or hand wash area as part of the cabinet roller towel service contract.

Should your cabinet towel rolls run out and require replacement prior to our service visit we can arrange for additional roller towels leaving on site at a discounted rate.

We will  train a member of your team to exchange the cabinet rolls. Ready for collection by your Rentex hygiene washroom cabinet roller towel service representative.

Popular Choice

Our classic white cabinet towel machine range being the most popular for corporate offices as they blend in with most bathroom & washroom fittings.

Blue cotton roller towels are the product of choice for more industrial hand drying and wash area applications such as; garages, engineering as well as workshops.

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