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Fem Bin Rental Services

Fem Bin Rental Services

As a business owner or landlord of commercial premises you are required by law to provide a means of waste disposal in all female washroom facilities and ensure that this type of waste is removed from site by a licensed carrier.

Choosing a washroom service provider for the management of your waste should be based on a few key issues such as; service frequency, style of units, installation times and who serves your site.

Fem Bin Rental Services By Rentex Hygiene

Who serves your site, at Rentex we do not sub contract our services to third party providers, when you order your fem bin rental services from us we do all the work required, unlike some online washroom providers who gain orders then sub it to the cheapest company. fem bin rental services

The downside of this is that as a customer of these companies you could be well down the service pecking order as you are not a direct customer paying their high contract rates.

The majority of our customers contact us when they are unhappy with their current fem bin rental services provider or have chosen an online contractor who have then sub it back to the original company they no longer required.

At Rentex we provide an online quotation form which helps us reduce our service charges, we do not employ sales representatives who will price your needs on what they want as a sales bonus or sales targets.

This type of quotation will speed up the process and saves time by reducing meetings with sales representatives. Alternatively should you require a personal visit by a member of our office team this can be arranged.


Most of our fem bin rental services are carried out in the Yorkshire area, we are constantly extending our coverage to business users.

Rentex have a national next working day delivery option via our online store for customers wishing to purchase commercial washroom hygiene products, we also provide for washroom service customers and can offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 253533 our office hours are Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

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