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Buy feminine sanitary bins and hygiene units, this option is for domestic users only as current legal implications may result in a fine for business users contravening there Duty of Care and Health and Safety Regulations at Work.

buy feminine sanitary bins
Buy Feminine Sanitary Bins

You should consider this buying option against any professional sanitary hygiene disposal service charges prior to making a purchase of your sanitary disposal units.

All our sanitary hygiene disposal units are manufactured for the commercial washroom industry and are available to buy at competitive prices.

All our feminine hygiene units are slim line in design and incorporate a modesty chute to conceal internal contents from other users, the modern sleek design will fit into most washroom cubicles and can be placed either side of the WC.

Buy Feminine Sanitary Bins or Rent ?

Buy feminine sanitary bins or rent, this is a question we are asked frequently and this is always an individuals choice , please use the link below for further information if you consider to buy feminine sanitary bins.

White Units

These feminine sanitary disposal units are the most popular due to the fact that they blend in with most washroom surroundings, our range of sanitary hygiene bins are pedal operated which reduces contact for users within the cubicle and helps to maintain higher hygiene standards.

Our online buy feminine sanitary bins shop have a range of commercial NeutraBin products to compliment feminine hygiene disposal units such as; chute inserts and sanitary bag dispensers.

When you buy feminine sanitary bins these should be maintained on a regular basis to avoid odour and the build up of potentially harmful bacteria, we recommend the use of a professional grade bin sanitiser to be used within the sanitary unit at all times which can be purchased from us.

Buy Feminine Sanitary Bins, Purchase Chrome Sanitary Disposal Bins

Chrome sanitary hygiene units are best used in locations that require a feminine disposal unit to compliment other washroom chrome fixtures and fittings, these types of sanitary bin are generally more expensive to purchase.

They also have a pedal operating systems and are available with the option to purchase lid inserts and additional chrome feminine hygiene product dispensers to compliment the female washroom area.

Our feminine sanitary bag dispenser is designed to dispense Modesty Bags for use within the sanitary bin to help maintain high hygiene standards and results in a more pleasant experience for the user.

Due to the chrome effect of the sanitary units chute we would recommend the use of a lid liner to protect the internal surface from abrasive cleaning chemicals which over time will tarnish the sanitary hygiene units chrome chute.

Buy Feminine Sanitary Bins Online Purchase & Delivery

When you buy feminine sanitary bins we aim for next working day delivery on our sanitary hygiene products and are sold subject to our standard terms and conditions deliveries are Mon – Fri during working hours.

Additional Sanitary Disposal Information

Please use the link below for information on sanitary unit products we have also included a demonstration of a unit being prepared for service.

Demonstration of a sanitary bin being prepared for service.


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