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Automatic Air Freshener Recycling

Automatic air freshener recycling. We now recycle the majority of our washroom service air freshener aerosols. All our commercial air fresheners supplied on service to business users in the Yorkshire area. Now returned to our base in Wakefield to be recycled.

In the past some sites have been left refill cans so the contract cleaners can use the last remaining sprays left within the aerosol. Ultimately these cans will end up in the normal waste stream and will not be recycled and this is an environmental impact. 

Automatic air freshener recycling
Air freshener cans

The main part of an aerosol is the can and 60 of these are made from tin-plated steel. The remaining 40 are made from aluminium. Both of these metals are recyclable. Aerosols also contain some small plastic and rubber components including the lid, valve and dip tube.

Automatic Air Freshener Recycling Facts

Each year, the UK uses around 600 million aerosols. On average that’s 10 cans per person, or 27 cans per household. Aerosols account for 4of the metals packaging stream.

We estimate that there are about 25,000 tonnes of tin-plated steel and 4,500 tonnes of high grade aluminium available from recycling aerosols in the UK.

Aerosols are recyclable – the numbers being recycled in the UK are lower than in other countries such as Germany, France and the US.

Our empty aerosols along with other metal packaging will help our business with its recycling targets. We are currently working with the manufacturer to initiate a return to base refill system so that the cans can be refilled and reused.

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