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Why Mats Move On Carpets

Why Mats or Rugs Move On Carpets

Why mats move on carpets
Why Mats Move On Carpets

A regular question we are asked is why mats move on carpets, mats laid on top of fitted carpets are the most common of mat creeping & moving problems and is caused by the carpet under the mat or more specifically the pile on the carpet that the mat is placed upon.

The reason why mats move on carpets is that all carpets and carpet tiles have a pile direction. That is to say the pile does not stand up straight, it leans slightly in one direction.

Why Mats or Rugs Move On Carpets

When a carpet fitter installs a new carpet he will whenever possible lay the pile towards the main doorway, because when looking into the pile the colours appear richer. Similarly when laying a carpet on stairs he will lay the carpet so that the pile flows down the stairs. This is to increase the wear ability and appearance of the carpet.

When mat movement occurs on carpets when vacuuming. You may notice that it is easier to push in one direction or the colour looks more consistent when vacuumed in one direction. This is simply because the carpet pile has a set direction during the manufacturing process that cause mats to move on carpets.

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Carpets In Offices

Why mats move on carpets in offices; when you come to lay a mat, such as Logo Mats or standard doormats on top of carpets or carpet tiles large or small there is an extremely high possibility it will move over time.

Once a mat is subject to even the lightest of foot traffic it will start to creep in the direction of the pile beneath.

Why mats move on carpets; when stepping on a mat your weight is transferred though the mat and the carpet it is seated on plus any underlay, causing an indentation that slightly distorts the mat.

mat gripper tape
Commercial Mat Gripper Tape

Once you release the weight off the mat, carpet or carpet tile they return to their original shape. But because the mat is not fixed it will re-position it’s self following the natural flow of the pile on the carpet beneath and that’s why loose lay mats can creep on carpets.

How To Stop Mat and Rugs Creeping.

There are many products on the market to solve & reduce mat creeping and the problem of matting moving on carpets. From matting underlays to Mat Gripper Tape that can be applied to the backing of the mat. These solutions are for permanent fixtures and cannot be applied to serviced mats.

Some mat manufactures will produce anti slip mats with a rubberised cleated backing. Please note that these mats are anti-slip, not anti-creep. They may still move when placed on a carpets or carpet tiles.

Anti movement gripper tape application video.

Why mats move on carpets main points:

  1. Loose lay mats moving on carpets in offices, medium to high foot traffic
  2. Moves in direction of the carpet pile below
  3. Mats moving on carpets general search words known as rug rucking and creep
  4. Domestic hessian backed rugs

This page is for information only and not an endorsement of any anti movement products or systems.


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