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Selby Washroom Hygiene Services

Selby Washroom Sanitary Hygiene Services

Rentex washroom hygiene services we are now covering the Selby area, our Selby washroom hygiene services will include feminine sanitary hygiene waste disposal units, these pedal operated sanitary bins are perfect for all female washrooms and will help maintain your hygiene standards within your workplace.  We also provide and maintain soap dispensers with high quality hand soaps along with automatic air care units designed to provide a pleasant experience for all washroom users.Selby washroom hygiene services

We also understand that costs and reliability are important when choosing a washroom service provider, we have been providing business users with a range of workplace products since 1999 with highly competitive service charges.

Hygiene Services Professional & Discreet


We pride ourselves on being a friendly proactive Yorkshire based company, all our employees are discreet and friendly we do not sub contract our washroom hygiene services to other providers which maintains our high service standards and also provides a single point of contact.  Our uniformed service operatives call monthly to your chosen location in smart satellite tracked vehicles one on site your Selby washroom hygiene services operative with remove waste from the feminine hygiene unit and place in our discreet service bag.

[quote class=” No more walking through the business premises with dirty sanitary bins”]No more walking through the business premises with sanitary bins, the units are thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and dosed with bio active sanitiser discreetly within the cubicle ready for the next washroom visitor   [/quote]

Each washroom customer is provided with their own sanitary disposal unit, this further helps maintain the quality of stock on site.

Washroom Hygiene Services Choosing Rentex

  • West Yorkshire based family operated company
  • Reliable staff
  • Competitive services charges
  • Range of quality business hygiene products

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