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Female Sanitary Modesty Bags

Female sanitary modesty bags

Female sanitary disposal bags, these Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Bags and a feminine bag dispensers which are designed to help promote a cleaner environment within the female washroom area and designed for personal waste.

Female Sanitary Modesty Bags
Sanitary bags

With a simple and fast installation of the waste disposal product within the dispenser this reduces soiling of the feminine sanitary bin chute and also enhances the washroom environment for the next visitor.

Feminine hygiene packs can be purchased in on our online shop. Dispensers are manufactured from robust white ABS plastic and are key lockable to prevent pilferage. 

female sanitary modesty bags Key Features:

  • Dispenser allows fast service
  • Use in Key lockable unit reduces misuse and pilferage
  • Bags dispensed individually
  • Bags reduce the adhesion of waste to the sanitary bin chute

Commercial NeutraBin Sanitary Bin Sanitiser

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