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Computer Mats Detecon Saudi Arabia

Computer Mats Supplied to Detecon Saudi Arabia

Detecon International is one of the world’s leading management consulting companies, one which combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise.

Detecon has an enviable unique selling proposition, the combination of technological expertise, business know-how, and transformation experience acquired by their consultants during more than 11,000 successful projects in Germany and abroad, from San Francisco to Beijing.

These resources are made available to them through the affiliation of their German mother company, the Deutsche Telekom Group (German Telecom).

Rentex approached to supply Detecon with our computer mats

Computer mats also known as sticky floor mats or tacky mats are simply stuck to the floor near an entry or exit door by removing the rear protective backing layer.

Each computer mats layer is then peeled off when dirty to reveal another new layer. Each layer is coated with a high tack adhesive which removes dust or dirt contamination from entering your clean area. Computer mats

These dust control computer mats can last up to several weeks at a time depending on the amount and type of traffic.

They remove contamination and clean shoe soles before entry into highly sensitive areas such as; clean rooms, computer rooms and laboratories but can also be used in other applications.

Computer Mats Key Features:

  • Each case has 4 computer mats (each mat having 30 removable Sticky Mat layers)
  • Computer mats approximate Size – 95cm x 45cm ( 36″ x 18″ )
  • 30 easy peel polyethylene sheets per mat – 4 mats per box

Computer Mats Buy Online

Buying high quality computer mats could not be simpler please use our online store.

About Detecon Saudi Arabi

Detecon business is all about consulting; their strengths are digital technologies and networks. For more than 30 years, Detecon have been supporting companies and telecommunications providers around the globe. 

At Detecon they can provide clients with solutions in all areas of classic corporate consulting: strategy, organization, processes, and HR management.

Digitalisation has advanced to become today the overriding challenge of a globalized economy cutting across the boundaries of industries and sectors.

Broadband networks create the fundamental platform for a networked world. The consultants at Detecon help their clients to rethink business models, to digitalise procedures and processes, to network customers with companies, and to build the platforms for customers, companies, and products.

Detecon understand the processes and business models of their customers and also understand how they can exploit technology to gain a decisive and sustained lead over their competition.

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