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Workshop Electric Halogen Heater

workshop electric halogen heater

Workshop Electric Halogen Heater

From £159 these Rentex infra red halogen commercial heaters utilise quartz halogen lamps that operate at a very high temperature, converting almost  all the electrical energy into short wavelength infra red radiated heat. The halogen electric heaters are wall mounted and are therefore ideal for heating applications in draughty or large buildings where it would prove impractical and uneconomical for traditional heating to be applied. Buy Electric Halogen Heaters.

Workshop Electric Halogen Heater Areas

Locations that benefit from these quality manufactured sun prince workshop electric halogen heater space heaters are: workshops, garages, warehouse, factories, counters and similar difficult to heat areas where convection heating would prove impractical. Our sun prince halogen lamps last an average of 7000 hours and made from high temperature resistant quartz glass that must not be handled with bare hands to avoid damage.

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Workshop electric halogen heater features:

Ø Instantaneous cost effective heating

Ø Stylish and robust construction

Ø Allows heating of target areas

Ø Silent operation

Ø Wall mounted (bracket included)

Ø High quality lamps (2 x Ruby lamp included)

Ø Indoor use only

Ø Warranty excludes lamps

Technical Data:

Ø Model: SP3000H

Ø Power: 3.0 Kw

Ø Dimensions (mm) 474 x 398 x 141 (dimensions exclude bracket – including bracket 141 to 360)

Ø Lamps included: Ruby 2 x L1500CL

Ø An RCD circuit breaker suitable for high in rush current is required

Ø Power cable not included

Ø Optional soft start controller available

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