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Washroom Services

Washroom Services Hartlepool

Commercial Washroom Supplies & Products Hartlepool

Commercial washroom products and hygiene supplies at highly competitive rates available for sale in Hartlepool via our washroom services Hartlepool online store, by using service grade dispensers and quality washroom refills we are sure that we have a product that will meet your business washroom demands.

Supplying key products such as liquid hand soaps to toilet tissues and rolls to more bespoke items like liquid hand sanitisers and safe seat sanitisers along with automatic air fresheners and sanitary supplies which will help you maintain high hygiene standards within your work place.

Washroom Services Hartlepool Buying Online

The main thing to consider when purchasing your hygiene supplies is is that will it meet your requirements, as a washroom services company we deal with commercial hygiene products on a daily basis and the products we sell are also used in our contract rental business unlike most online retailers. At washroom services Hartlepool we believe that using quality rental grade dispensers makes long term financial sense as buying cheap units to start with will result in a replacement needed sooner.

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Most dispensers now are manufactured from ABS plastic and the majority of ours are the same with the only difference being the quality of the plastic, our units are manufactured from a much tougher ABS than some sell & forget dispensers.

Washroom Services Hartlepool Key Benefits

  • Keeps your washrooms clean & hygienic
  • Next working day delivery on most items
  • Washroom services Hartlepool competitive prices
  • Washroom services Hartlepool business accounts welcome
  • Contract customers welcome
  • Trade accounts welcome

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About Hartlepool

Hartlepool was founded in the 7th century AD, around the Northumbrian monastery of Hartlepool Abbey. The village grew during the middle Ages and developed a harbor which served as the official port of the County Palatine of Durham. Later a railway link from the north was established from the South Durham coal fields to the historic town.

An additional link from the south, in 1835, together with a new port, resulted in further expansion of the area, with the establishing of the new town of West Hartlepool. Industrialisation and the establishing of a shipbuilding industry during the later part of the 19th century caused Hartlepool to be a target for the German Navy at the beginning of the First World War.

A large bombardment of 1150 shells on 16 December 1914 resulted in the death of 117 people. A severe decline in heavy industries and shipbuilding following the Second World War caused periods of high unemployment until the 1990s when major investment projects and the redevelopment of the docks area into a marina have seen a rise in the town’s prospects.

About Hartlepool and its famous monkey

Hartlepool is famous for allegedly executing a monkey during the Napoleonic Wars. According to legend, fishermen from Hartlepool watched a French warship founder off the coast, and the only survivor was a monkey, which was dressed in French military uniform, presumably to amuse the officers on the ship. The fishermen assumed that this must be what Frenchmen looked like, and after a brief trial, summarily executed the monkey.

Although a popular story, this seems unlikely to be true. Historians have also pointed to the prior existence of a Scottish folk song called “And the Boddamers hung the Monkey-O”. It describes how a monkey survived a shipwreck off the village of Boddam near Peter head in Aberdeen-shire. Because the villagers could only claim salvage rights if there were no survivors from the wreck, they allegedly hanged the monkey. There is also an English folk song detailing the later event called, appropriately enough, “The Hartlepool Monkey”. In the English version the monkey is hanged as a French spy.

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