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Tattoo Waste Disposal Services

Tattooist Waste Disposal Don’t Throw Biohazard Material In The Trash

Disposing of biohazardous tattooist waste improperly runs the risk of getting you in big trouble with your area’s department of health.

Make sure everyone in your shop knows what materials are not safe to throw in the regular trash. When bringing in a new tattoo artist or apprentice, include education in how to dispose of biohazardous waste as part of the training process.Tattoo waste disposal

Important do not neglect your tattoo waste disposal record keeping. After you dispose of biohazardous material, the company overseeing the tattoo waste disposal issues a proof of destruction know as an hazardous waste consignment note.

Keep tattoo waste disposal proofs on file at your shop to show to the health department in the event of an audit.

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Plan to keep at least two years worth of tattoo waste disposal proofs on file. Since longer or more extensive records are required in some areas, be sure to check your areas specific tattooist waste disposal regulations.

Tattoo Waste Disposal Services Procedures

Proper bio-hazard disposal is meant to keep tattoo artists and tattoo shop customers alike safe and healthy. It is important to follow the correct procedures when disposing of needle sharps and other waste which is important for preventing the spread of infection. 

Any tattoo waste disposal equipment in a tattoo shop that comes in contact with blood or other bodily fluids has to be disposed of using the approved method for getting rid of biohazardous material.

[quote cite=”Rentex Hygiene Services”]It is important to learn that your tattoo waste disposal procedures are all safe and in compliance with current regulations.[/quote]

Tattoo Waste Disposal Material Do You Know What Counts ?

Tattoo waste disposal cloths, covers, cotton swabs, paper towels and other absorbent materials that come in contact with blood from a fresh tattoo need to be disposed of in a designated container or waste sack which is normally yellow marked “bio-hazard.” Leftover ink and the ink caps that held it go in the same container.

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Only tattoo waste disposal sharps need to go in a special yellow plastic biohazard sharps box for disposal. The sealed box is to protect people handling the disposal from pricking themselves on the needles.

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