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Washroom Roller Towels

Washroom Roller Towel Machines or Paper For proper washroom roller towels hygienic comparisons, you need to evaluate how the hand drying system works under normal use and its effects on hygiene beyond just the user’ hands, such as; does it…

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Mat Hire Services

Christmas Washroom Service

Washroom Deliveries By Rentex Hygiene Services Rentex operation shut down times over the bank holiday festive period, we will be fully operational after the shut down times shown below but you can still use our online quotation link. [spacer size="05"] …

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Chrome Washroom Dispensers

Washroom Service Quotation

Washroom Service Quotation Washroom service quotation (Quick Quote) page now fully operational, this new addition to our website is designed to help new customers gain a speedy quotation without having to arrange visits from sales representatives on bonuses and sales commissions. Most…

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