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Dirt Control Barrier Mats

Entrance Dirt Control Mats

Entrance Dirt Control Mats.  Nobody likes dirt indoors dirt, sand and moisture are carried inside your premises on the soles of customers, visitors and employee’s shoes. Good quality matting will catch all that grime and prevent it from travelling further…

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Logo Mats Sheffield

Office floor mats

Office Floor Mats & Door Matting Dirt control office floor mats in Yorkshire by Rentex Hygiene Services, dirt control office door mats collect dirt and debris from foot traffic entering your premises, dust control floor matting will only absorb a…

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Canteen Floor Mats

Heavy Duty Commercial Floor Mats Canteen floor mats are used to help protect floor coverings in busy areas, our canteen floor mats are provided on a rental service basis and exchanged on a scheduled day by our own uniformed floor…

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