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Inline Electric Water Heater 12 kW

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Inline Electric Water Heater

The Inline is a compact multipoint mains pressure instantaneous electric water heater that is ideal for under sink mounting or where space is at a premium such as under sinks. Its small compact size makes this water heater perfect for Student flats, out buildings, workshops, office kitchens, extensions and other locations that require remote hot water. 

The unit can supply more than one outlet, but performance will drop if more than one outlet is used simultaneously and is especially suitable for via spray taps. Great piece of kit especially if your draw off point is far away from your main hot water boiler so no standing heat loss in long runs of pipe work.  
The inline water heater is supplied with a pressure relief valve which must be fitted in every case,  the inline water heater unit also incorporates a safety thermal cut out and requires just 0.4 bar (approximately 6 psi) to operate.
Key Product Features:
  • 12kW power rating (requires single phase electricity supply)
  • Water supplied to one or two outlets reduced output when more than one draw off used
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 305mm x 120mm
  • Water outlet via existing tap or mixer 
  • Plumbs directly into cold water mains 1/2” fittings
  • Small compact shape
  • Dimensions: H190mm x L305mm x D120mm 
  • No standing heat losses
  • Fast response
  • Three heat settings
  • Service valve included to allow calibration of flow rate for optimal output performance.





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