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Handyflow Undersink Water Heater

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Handyflow Undersink Water Heater.

Hyco electric water heater HandyFlow HF05VC undersink vented units are attractive because installation is very simple and no specialist accessories are required.

The Handyflow Slimline vented under sink water heater retains the ease of installation of traditional vented over sink equivalents but has the additional benefits of being hidden below the sink giving less visual impact and including a vented tap rather than a spout and cold water tap.

Handyflow Undersink Water Heater

The fact that the Handyflow slimline vented electric hot water heater comes as a complete package and the user does not need to purchase a separate cold tap makes it an economic alternative to other electric water heaters.  Handyflow undersink water heater

The vented mixer tap supplied with the water heater comes with flexible hose for ease of installation and can be purchased separately if required.

The included specialist vented tap must be used with this unit and It is normal for the vented hot water tap to drip slightly during the heating cycle, caused by the water expanding as it heats up.

Handyflow Undersink Water Heater Important 

This unit cannot be used with traditional taps.

Users with a requirement to serve more than one sink or to use regular taps should consider the Speedflow unvented water heater as an alternative to the Handyflow.


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