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Air Freshener Refill Serenity

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Premium air freshener dispenser refill fragrances for automatic units these quality serenity aerosols combine the use of exquisite blended oils, micron release technology and malodour counteractant to deliver outstanding, long lasting and consistent performance.

This range of air freshener refills are manufactured in the UK, CFC Free and fully compliant with current EU regulations. 

Air Freshener Dispenser Refill Serenity x 3

These high end commercial premium fragranced air freshener dispenser refills are perfect for locations where luxury and sophistication is implied; these air fresheners are the product of choice for our hospitality service customers. Air freshener refills
They are reminiscent of popular mens eau de toilettes fragrances; due to our large purchase volumes these are now available direct from us at competitive trade prices.
These aerosols are compatible with the majority of quality automatic metered dispensers by leading washroom manufacturers.
Air Freshener Dispenser Refill Serenity x 3 Features:
  • Micron release technology
  • Quantity: 3
  • Fully compliant with EU regulations
  • Air hang time: High
  • 3000 shot-metered air freshener (dependent on dispenser setting)
  • Long lasting malodor counteractants
  • Capacity: 270ml concentrate
Key environments: Guest houses, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, shopping centres, industrial premises and most washroom facilities.
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