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Washroom Services

Metal hand soap dispensers

Wall Mounted Metal hand soap dispensers

Protect your customers and staff by removing dirt and bacteria in a neat, efficient and environmentally friendly way with our metal hand soap dispensers.

The manual metal hand soap dispensers are operated by one push of the manual soap dispenser pump doing this gets you approximately soap. Users don’t waste soap and water working up lather because of the precise amount of soap dispensed and the concentrated consistency of the soap used.

Our hand soap dispensers are specially designed to ensure your washroom users are never left without soap. Each metal hand soap dispenser has a refill indicator which clearly shows when a refill is needed, without having to open the dispenser. The internal refill reservoir holds your preferred liquid hand soap which can be purchased from our online store.

Metal Hand Soap Dispensers & The Importance of Hand Soap

Metal hand soap dispensers

76 of washroom users rate the cleanliness of the washroom based on the availability of soap. It is important that the metal hand soap dispensers are fully stocked and readily available for customers and staff to use which is also a legal obligation within the work place. The use of good quality liquid hand soaps prevent the spread of germs and will help reduce costs associated with employee illness and lost worker productivity. By promoting the practice of good hand hygiene within the washroom you are showing a firm commitment to a healthy working environment.

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Metal Hand Soap Dispensers Key Benefits

Should you purchase or rent your metal hand soap dispensers they will offer the following benefits at work.

  • Promotes clean & healthy hand hygiene at work
  • Shows a firm commitment to your legal obligations at work
  • Robust wall mounted dispensers
  • Easy refill
  • Push button operation
  • Reduced pilferage
  • Key lockable metal hand soap dispensers

Metal hand soap dispensers purchase or rent

Most customers purchase these metal hand soap dispensers and maintain the refills in house which reduces service costs, but it is important to have a schedule in place to facilitate this. Using a full refill maintenance service where a washroom hygiene company takes care of your metal hand soap dispensers is another option.

The service of your soap dispensers is usually undertaken while on site maintaining other washroom hygiene contract products such as automatic air fresheners, feminine hygiene units, urinal sanitisers and hand sanitisers. This option is especially useful for larger businesses who prefer their staff to concentrate of other areas of work.

[note background=”#56a3f0″]Its is also important to remember that this type of rental maintainance service could also be tax deductible[/note]

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