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The Londoner Pub

Londoner Pub Barnsley

The Londoner Bar Gets New RTX1 Hand Dryers

Struggling with their existing service provider The Londoner Pub Barnsley contacted Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd to arrange a site survey by our business development representative.  It quickly became apparent it was the same old story from one of the large national providers, existing services were missed and products installed where ineffective and out of date.

Our experienced washroom representative explained the benefits of using our commercial hand dryers and other washroom products, whilst our services and products came in more expensive the Londoner pub Barnsley now as the peace of mind that their washrooms will be taken care of.Londoner Pub Barnsley

Londoner Pub Barnsley In Good Hands

Rentex hygiene services Ltd take over the all the washroom services at the Londoner pub Barnsley.  knowing that we are under the microscope, as with all customers that migrate to us after receiving unreliable services from other providers we start as we mean to go on by giving all our customers reliable cost effective commercial hand dryers for their business premises.

This busy venues commercial hand dryers will reduce the customer’s waiting time within the hand washing area.

Contact us to arrange a review of your washroom hygiene services on 01924 25533   

Londoner Pub Barnsley – Fun In The Tarn

Sitting proudly at the top of the town the Londoner pub Barnsley provides 3 bars in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.  You should only enter if you want to sing your heart out, dance like no one’s watching and have the time of your life!. Quality DJs such as Topper & Co barnsley’s only number two DJ play the best hits and memories from six decades.

The Londoner pub Barnsley prides themselves on the quality of beer, they ensure that all products are superbly presented and are confident that drinks are of a far higher quality than “just” a town centre bar.

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