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Electric Wall Heaters Halogen Infra Red

Commercial Wall Mounted Halogen Heaters

Commercial electric halogen wall heaters or Infra Red Heaters utilise quartz halogen lamps that operate at a very high temperature, converting almost all the electrical energy into short wavelength infra red radiated heat.

These stainless steel electric halogen wall heaters are wall mounted electric heaters and are therefore ideal for heating applications in drafty or large buildings where it would prove impractical and uneconomical for traditional heating to be applied.

Locations that benefit from these commercial electric halogen wall heaters also known as infra red space heaters are: workshops, garages, warehouse, factories, counters and similar difficult to heat areas where convection heating would prove impractical.

Our commercial halogen lamps last an average of 7000 hours and made from high temperature resistant quartz glass that must not be handled with bare hands to avoid damage.

Electric Wall Heaters Halogen Infra Red

This is a versatile product, it can be mounted on a wall or overhead and gives heat from the moment the unit is switched on.electric wall heaters

Features of commercial halogen electric wall heaters:

  • Instantaneous cost effective heating
  • Stylish and robust construction
  • Allows heating of target areas
  • Silent operation
  • Wall mounted (bracket included)
  • High quality lamps (1 x gold lamp included)
  • Indoor use only
  • Electric wall heaters warranty excludes lamps

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Electric Wall Heaters Power

Our commercial halogen infra red heaters are available as a stacking option and can be built up from a single unit, these infra red wall mounted units start at a power rating of 1.0 Kw up to 4.5 Kw.

These commercial halogen electric wall heaters are virtually maintenance free; a periodic wipe over with a damp cloth will keep the stainless steel looking smart.

The short wave technology ensures that the efficiency of these electric wall heaters is high, warming people and surfaces and not the surrounding air and the heat is not affected by droughts.

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