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Dortech Huddersfield

Dortech Huddersfield Chooses Rentex Hygiene

New start for Dortech Huddersfield, having experienced a poor service with a national service provider who subsequently sub contracted their work to another national service provider, Rentex hygiene services and supplies are pleased to have been appointed new suppliers for Dortech Huddersfield.

Frustrated with constant phone call after phone call with such simple service issues as please can our mats look the same colour and Dortech repeatedly being ignored, we where approached to firstly provide a single point of contact and to look at reducing costs and importantly for Dortech Huddersfield the products delivered to site.

Dortech Huddersfield Choose A Better Solution

Rentex floor care services will supply Dortech Huddersfield with matching mats as standard when in close proximity to each other, not hard we know but some national service providers will just place anything on the floor and its job done.Dortech Huddersfield

At Rentex Mat Rental Services we understand that first impressions count and Dortech Huddersfield will not have to suffer with mixed matting in their offices anymore, additionally with two national service providers involved we reduced their charges by nearly half.

Dortech Huddersfield Mat Rental Services

As a business Dortech Huddersfield understand that using dirt control barrier mats on a lift and lay service will maintain office entrances, reception areas and interior carpets from dirt and moisture walked into their premises.

Choosing the correct mats for our customers

  1. Site visit to review mat requirements
  2. Address service visits required (standard service fortnightly)
  3. Decide which type of matting to be used, cotton or nylon

Dortech Huddersfield About Them    

Dortech Huddersfield is a specialist glazing contractor who has been designing, manufacturing and installing glazed facades throughout the UK for over 22 years.

They specialise in large scale construction projects incorporating curtain walling, aluminium windows, entrance doors & roof lights and prides itself on offering outstanding levels of customer services.

This approach has been instrumental in Dortech Huddersfield developing long-lasting, strategic relationships with some of the largest and most reputable construction companies within the UK.

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