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Contract Dust Barrier Mats Leeds

Contract Dust Barrier Mats Leeds

Contract dust barrier mats Leeds, Rentex Hygiene supply another floor care mat customer in West Yorkshire, after using a national supplier for the  servicing of their mats over a number of years which was sub-contracted through a cleaning company we where approached to provide a professional matting solution to maintain the dirt barrier mats on a direct basis to reduce the company’s cleaning budget.

The order for 34 standard dirt control mats and 3 entrance logo corporate image mats will be managed by a Rentex dedicated floor care delivery driver.

Contract Dust Barrier Mats Leeds

One of the main focus points for this customer was for thecontract dust barrier mats leeds contract dust barrier mats Leeds service supplier to be approachable, local and professional.

With over 20 years experience in the industrial logo mat and floor care services sector our professional contract dust barrier mats Leeds team worked with the sites buyer and internal cleaning manager to establish their dirt barrier mat protection requirements.

After a site survey our standard range of loose lay mats was chosen to provide an highly effective and efficient way of removing dirt and stop the ingress of grime from foot traffic by trapping grit and moisture deep within the dirt control barrier mat reducing floor cleaning costs and preventing slip hazards on wet floors.

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