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Cheap Matting

Cheap Matting Promotional PVC Mats

Cheap matting such as PVC floor mats ? these are normally sold in DIY stores and by promotional companies. They offer a quick short term solution to dirt entering premises. Unfortunately these cheaper imported mats from Asia and we do not recommend for commercial entrances.

These mats are prone to warping and splitting resulting in trip hazards and also cheap matting offers very little dirt retention.  Which is the main reason mats are used in the first place.

cheap matting
Cheap mats curl and become a problem

Cheap Matting PVC or Nitrile Matting ?

Cheap matting like PVC should be avoided and the use of Nitrile based mats and matting should be used in the commercial service industry. The rubber is far superior and will always remain flat and will not warp like PVC mats.

Cost is always the issue when it comes to these items. A PVC mat would normally be around £10 depending on size as apposed to £50+  for a launder-able nit-rile mat. Which would provide years of service when maintained.

Financially the nitrile mat is especially the better choice and functions correctly for the intended purpose, Rentex hygiene services also provide Mat Renat Services in the Yorkshire area for business users only.

Rentex Mats

We only supply quality commercial grade matting for the service industry. All our matting is not competitive against PVC matting and never will be as they are two different types of matting. If you are in the matting industry these are common hurdles to overcome when supplying mats.

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