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Biz Promo Video

Biz Promo Video Advertising

Biz Promo Video employed to supply a short promotional video for our website, the main area concentrated on was for washroom services, after a few draft copies biz promo video came up with a simple but effective short film covering our main service points.

Biz Promo Video Creative Thinking

Biz Promo Video addresses the business need to make creative, quick and affordable promotional videos.  Customers use the videos to educate their respective customers on their products, processes and facilities using a short film generally about 2 mins in length.  [gn_frame align=”right”][/gn_frame]Biz Promo Video specialises in producing cost effective, short, one or two minute promo videos enabling micro, small or large companies to raise their profile with video and to help reduce bounce rates on line. The company has created various promo videos already for many companies ranging from web designers, printers and charities of all sizes. We have included the finished video showing our washroom services with brief descriptions of what we do.

Biz Promo Video and ordering

Working with Dan at Biz Promo Video is extremely easy, just a few emails and a order form completing is required, the prices range from £30 to £60 depending on the length and complexity of the required biz promo video. biz promo video

Video can be used to educate your customers on your product, processes or facilities. This is very effective when your company is making big improvements or launching a new product or service. The Biz Promo video can then be posted on your company website and/or streamed via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The process is simple:

1. They send you a design specification form to fill in

2. You email it back to them along with any images you wish us to use

Must be Hi Resolution and not copied from website 

3. They check it then send you a PayPal invoice.
Once payment is made, we set to work and we’ll aim to turn your draft video around in 3 working days.

(They can make up to 3 minor changes once made. Other changes may be chargeable)

4. Once the video has been approved they will then send the file to you for your use. If you don’t have a YouTube channel don’t worry they can add your video to their account then send you the link for you to use as you wish.

Your video could be featured on their website helping to get your business noticed.

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