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Best place for floor mats such as entrance mats. Dirt control mats together with safety mats serviced by Rentex are a way of controlling and stopping dirt at the door. And also keeping your building maintenance costs to a minimum.

All our dirt control matting is highly effective in high foot fall areas or at service locations such as kitchens, trade counters, production lines and office vending place for floor mats

Entrance matting is the most commonly used mat in commercial buildings and they are used in various locations where safety is required such as anti fatigue mats for kitchens and workstations, mats are also a perfect way of promoting a company image or providing messages to staff and customers.

When planning your best place for your floor mats as well as locations another key point is high footfall areas. These should be pinpointed together with exposure to the environment is essential for the dirt control matting to function effectively.

Best Place For Floor Mats and Matting

Best place for floor mats is a common question as each business location varies. We have provided a diagram of the basic best place for floor mats. This information of which type of dirt control mats. Logo mats or safety matting would be suitable for areas around your site.

Indoor reception mats (B) can also be manufactured to reflect any colour used in your logo matting for a coordinated look.

  • Outside scrapper matting A [frame_right] All our commercial mats are serviced by Rentex Hygiene Floor-care representatives[/frame_right]
  • Indoor dirt control mats B
  • Logo barrier mats C
  • Dirt control mats D
  • Anti fatigue / runner matting E
  • Cotton mats

Professional mat rental by Rentex, please use the link or contact us for a service quote in your area.




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