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BAE Systems Detica

New washroom products installed at BAE Systems Detica

Feminine sanitary hygiene units and female vending machines installed at BAE systems detica, as part of BAE Systems which is a global defence and security company with approximately 100,000 employees and delivers a full range of services and products for air, land and naval forces along with advanced security, information technology and electronics including customer support services.

BAE Systems Detica Female Washroom Service

BAE systems detica

White pedal operated feminine sanitary hygiene units provided, these are our most popular female unit and do not suffer the problems associated with battery operated sanitary bins and disposal of used batteries at the end of their life.

High quality manually operated vending machines used again avoiding the use of batteries to avoid malfunction and disappoint for the user.

About BAE Systems Detica

BAE Systems Detica delivers information intelligence solutions to government and commercial sites, helping them to collect and exploit data effectively so they can deliver critical information services more effectively other services include cyber security, data analytics, system integration and risk management.


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