Washroom Services Sheffield

Washroom hygiene services Sheffield provide professional washroom and feminine sanitary hygiene unit waste removal services in the  following Sheffield areas; Rotherham, Sheffield centre, Chappletown, Highland, Park hill, Walkley and Attercliffe.Sanitary bin

We also supply washroom hygiene in Darnall, Greenland, Heeley, Sharrow, Steel bank, Nether edge, Catcliffe and Aston. Should you require a washroom services Sheffield site quotation please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 253533 Mon – Fri 9am -4.30pm.

Alternatively please use our online quotation link.

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Washroom Services Sheffield Business Benefits

Washroom services Sheffield is provided for business users only to help maintain your commercial premises providing a complete peace of mind package.

  • Quality washroom hygiene products usedwashroom services sheffield
  • Competitive charges for washroom services Sheffield
  • Friendly professional washroom services Sheffield staff
  • Confirms your Duty of Care at work
  • Washroom services Sheffield, just honest washroom advice
  • Personal & discreet local hygiene service
NOTE: It is a legal requirement that all female washrooms are provided with disposal units and all waste removed from site under license for safe disposal Rentex Hygiene Services can help you with your Duty of Care at work. Contact us on 01924 253533

Washroom Services Sheffield Feminine Hygiene

Rentex Hygiene provide commercial feminine hygiene sanitary bins for business washrooms in the Sheffield area.

Our range of services is adaptable to your needs and we take pride that we are able to provide products and services to meet all budgets should it be for our designer range of products or our very popular classic white washroom dispensers.  washroom services sheffield

Rentex Hygiene service hundreds of customers throughout Yorkshire with our washroom services and provide our sites with consumable products such as; paper hand towels and toilet rolls.

Please view our range of washroom hygiene supplies in our online store or contact our business development team for information.


Washroom Services Sheffield – Waste Disposal

Rentex Hygiene washroom services Sheffield promote a range of quality washroom hygiene products such as, sanitary bag dispensers and auto air care systems to combat foul odours within the commercial washroom area, our washroom services Sheffield hygiene technicians replenish your products whilst on site.

All our dispensers are made for demanding commercial washrooms, they are key lockable and are fixed to your walls by our service team.

Creates a hygienic washroom experience, installing the sanitary bag dispensers actively promotes a clean, hygienic and tidy washroom environment whilst delivering a caring statement to washroom users.

Using sanitary bag dispensers avoids the next user the potential experience of previous user’s products adhering to the sanitary disposal unit chute.


Washroom Services Sheffield Recent Installations

Products installed include automatic air fresheners, soap dispenser, hand dryers and feminine hygiene units.

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washroom services sheffieldwashroom services sheffield