Washroom sanitizer services in Yorkshire

Washroom sanitizer services in Yorkshire even seemingly clean washroom surfaces can harbor high numbers of harmful bacteria.

Rentex washroom sanitizer services are based in Wakefield near Sheffield and provide stylish, contemporary and professional toilet seat and surface sanitizer dispensers on a full maintenance refill and rental service from our offices in West Yorkshire.

washroom sanitizer services

As a business it is always important to provide an adequate means of washroom hygiene facilities in the commercial workplace this addition also helps to maintain a positive image for staff, visitors and clients to your business premises in Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax, Barnsley and Doncaster along with Harrogate and York.

Contact us we can help you achieve high washroom hygiene standards providing users with the opportunity to sanitize washroom items and reduce cross contamination and infections at your business with our washroom sanitizer services.

Each visitor to the washroom cubicle or nappy changing area as the option to simply spray the fast drying surface sanitizer on to a piece of toilet tissue, wipe the required surface including our Feminine Sanitary Units  and flush away.

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Washroom sanitizer services in Yorkshire by Rentex, our commercial surface sanitizers are manufactured and designed for demanding washrooms and baby changing areas by leading washroom manufacturers, they are key lockable to prevent pilferage.washroom sanitizer services

As a washroom sanitizer services customer our friendly uniformed service operative’s call on a scheduled visit in the Yorkshire area to maintain and replenish your cubicle sanitizer dispensers with an ultra fast drying antibacterial sanitizing spray.

These washroom sanitizer services are normally combined with our other commercial washroom services such as: Feminine hygiene units, soap dispenser replenishment service and air freshener dispenser rental for a complete peace of mind hygiene package.

Rentex Hygiene Services Ltd dispensers and refills are designed for commercial facilities, we install and maintain all our products as part of a contract washroom hygiene service package.

washroom sanitizer services product range

Rentex washroom sanitizer services offer a selection of premium surface sanitizer dispensers within the sanitex range to compliment most washrooms and baby changing facilities with our white dispenser range being the most popular as they blend in with most bathroom & washroom fittings. safeseat sanitiser

Surface sanitizers and refills online purchase

Rentex washroom sanitizer services also understand that some businesses would prefer to purchase sanitisers and dispensers.

We also have a range of professional washroom dispenser products and sanitex product refills for sale to the public and trade, please visit our online store for a range of these dispensers and safe seat sanitizer refills.


We can provide a complete washroom hygiene service to your commercial premises please contact us for information or use the links at the top of our site pages.

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