Washroom Installation (Phase 3)

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Automatic air freshener units Leeds, installation in the gents washroom urinal area of a professional automatic air care service required to provide odour control within the commercial washroom, these serviced air freshener dispensers are fully maintained by Rentex Hygiene service operatives on a monthly basis who replenish the internal aerosol and monitor power levels and replace batteries if required. The quality air fresheners used are designed for commercial washrooms and incorporate a range of fragrances for these demanding areas fragrances combine the use of exquisite blended oils, micron release technology and malodour counteract-ant to deliver outstanding, long lasting and consistent performance.

All Rentex air freshener refills are CFC Free and fully compliant with EU regulations.


Phase (3) of this installation was for a Automatic Air Freshener Service

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Rentex Hygiene Services provide professional washroom hygiene supplies and products such as; Sanitary units, logo mats, hand dryers, air fresheners and soap dispensers including paper hand towels, toilet rolls, electric fly killers, catering items to business users in the Yorkshire area we also supply nationally within the UK through our online store.

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