Sanitary Bag Dispensers – Compliment Your Washroom Service

The sanitary bag dispensers in our Feminine hygiene range provides a discreet, safe and cost effective way of disposing and containing personal feminine hygiene waste.

Sanitary bag dispensers are available in two finishes white or chrome, complementing surrounding environments and providing a modern take on sanitary disposal.

Creates a hygienic washroom experience, installing the sanitary bag dispensers actively promotes a clean, hygienic and tidy washroom environment whilst delivering a caring statement to washroom users.

Using sanitary bag dispensers avoids the next user the potential experience of previous user’s products adhering to the sanitary disposal unit chute.

Sanitary Bag Dispensers – Classic white or Designer Rangesanitary bag dispensers

Complementary to our existing washroom hygiene products sanitary bag dispensers provide a peace of mind user friendly item to our range of personal hygiene products.


Our sanitary bag dispensers harmonizes with existing hygiene products such as sanitary disposal units, toilet roll and tissue dispensers along with Safeseat surface sanitisers.

Providing a sanitary disposal bag through our sanitary bag dispensers avoids drain blockages and prevents obstruction and soiling of sanitary waste disposal units.sanitary bag dispensers


Sanitary Bag Dispensers Features

Dispensers provide a discreet, safe and cost effective disposal of personal feminine hygiene waste.

  • Convenient and practical – bags are easy to dispense, one bag at a time.
  • Sanitary bag dispensers prevent blockages and obstructions and soiling of sanitary waste disposal units.
  • Wall mounted and simple to install – designed to be positioned next to the toilet.
  • Sanitary bag dispensers are key lockable
  • Robust ABS material

Washroom Hygiene Survey

Our experienced washroom service business development representative will tour your facility with you to assess your service requirements.sanitary bag dispensers

We will then recommend the most economical washroom service program based on your objectives, budget and hygiene protection needs.

Affordable, Legal & Ethical – Peace of Mind Service

Sanitary bag dispensers are replenished with disposal refill bags by our washroom service operatives.

A complete washroom service package not only promotes high hygiene standards within your facilities but also helps your business conform to current Health & Safety at work legislation.

Rentex complete sanitary disposal hygiene using Neutrabin sanitising products.