Nappy Bin Services in Yorkshire

Our nappy bin services in Yorkshire are designed to ensure the safe and ethical disposal of soiled nappy waste. We allocate each site with its own nappy bin, on service our friendly washroom service representatives call to maintain your hygiene disposal bins in a discreet and professional manner within the Yorkshire area.nappy bin services

On your scheduled nappy bin services day they will remove the internal liner supplied and replace with a new one and also apply a dose of our Bio Active nappy bin sanitiser which reduces odours and deactivates pathogens within the receptacle.

All waste is removed from site under licence for safe and legal disposal contact us for an online nappy bin services quotation or call 01924 253533 to arrange a site survey.  For larger volume customers such as nursing homes and nurseries we can also provide outside trade waste collection bins.

Nappy bin services the main benefits

  • Nappy bin services help to avoid blocked drains
  • Units contain specially formulated Neutrawaste
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Protection for staff and customers
  • Nappy bin services complies with Environmental Protection Act 1991
  • Shows a firm commitment to washroom standards within the workplace

Online Washroom Quote

Nappy bin services standard product range

nappy bin services

At Rentex nappy bin services Wakefield, we believe in offering a wide range of commercial waste disposal units with traditional looks to compliment most washroom environments, our standard capacity internal unit is a 60 litre white nappy disposal bin.

For schools and nurseries we can also provide a unique disposal unit called the frog nappy bin, this nappy bin services unit is manufactured to the same specification as our white nappy disposal unit.

All our internal waste units come with a modesty chute type lid for discreet soiled nappy waste disposal, the outside high usage waste collection bin is a 660 litre unit with a drop down door to facilitate easy filling and removal of the yellow bags.

Legal ? nappy bin services waste disposal the law and you

The safe removal and disposal of soiled nappy waste in from locations must be provided by a licensed nappy bin services company, all businesses with occasional visitors must also comply with current regulations.

Your nappy bin services waste should be removed from site by a fully licensed business who deals in controlled waste services, all sites by law should be provided with a Duty of Care certificate to certify that your nappy bin waste is disposed of in the correct ethical and legal manner.

For full legislative nappy bin services advice please contact your local environmental agency.

Nappy Bin Services & Offensive Waste Removal

Nappy bin services waste is classed as offensive waste and dependent on which type of waste you produce you will be required to place the soiled waste within a colored waste bag ready for collection this is a legal requirement.

Nappy Bin Services Collections

Rentex hygiene nappy bin services may refuse to remove waste that is not placed in the correct waste sacks all nappy bin services waste should be placed within Yellow sacks only.

nappy bin services

Offensive Waste Yellow Sacks Only

It is important to place the correct waste in the appropriate yellow offensive waste sack to comply with legal obligations

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