Hygiene Services Huddersfield Professional And Discreet

Hygiene Services Huddersfield and washroom supplies are dedicated to a fast and effective washroom and business support service in the Huddersfield and the surrounding Yorkshire area.

Our commercial washroom hygiene services Huddersfield products and sanitary bin services are provided with highly competitive service charges in Huddersfield by our own skilled uniformed washroom hygiene services Huddersfield technicians, please contact us to maintain your Duty of Care requirements at work.

Hygiene Services Huddersfield

All our feminine sanitary hygiene units are manufactured for the commercial washroom, our hygiene services Huddersfield washroom service staff call every month to maintain your sanitary  disposal bins.

Providing a better personal washroom hygiene experience for staff, visitors and customers whilst also fulfilling your legal obligations ensuring that you don’t contravene the Health and Safety Regulations at work.

Hygiene Services Huddersfield Washroom Service Areas

Hygiene services Huddersfield deliver in most areas of Yorkshire, listed below is some of our service areas in Huddersfield.hygiene services huddersfield

Hygiene services Huddersfield by Rentex covers areas such as Meltham, Honley, Netherthong, Holmfirth, Shepley, Skelmanthorpe, Clayton west, Marsden, Slaithwaite, Crossland moor Highburton, Kirkburton, Fenay bridge, Kirkheaton, Upper hopton, Elland, Mirfield, Liversage, Golcar and Huddersfield town centre.

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All our sanitary hygiene services Huddersfield and floor care mat rental services are carried out by our own friendly and discrete hygiene services Huddersfield operatives in a professional manor.

NOTE: It is a legal requirement to provide waste disposal units in all female washrooms Rentex Hygiene can help you with your Duty of Care obligations at work.

Hygiene Services Huddersfield Air CareUploaded : Chrome-fittings-sink-area

Most of our washroom hygiene services Huddersfield customers include these automatic air freshener systems within the commercial female washroom which helps to maintain a positive experience for staff and visitors.

Used mainly washrooms but can also provide odour neutralizing in sports changing facilities, receptions, nurseries and offices keeping your business smelling fresh and clean.

Our professional air care product range is suitable for all locations and is part of a coordinated washroom product range of hygiene systems, serviced on a regular basis in the Yorkshire and the surrounding areas by our friendly uniformed washroom service operatives.

Hygiene Services Huddersfield Recent Washroom Installations

Below is a short list of some recent washroom installation by our team at Rentex including soap dispensers, air fresheners, hand dryers and feminine hygiene units.

Recent washroom projects by Rentex click image to view:

  • Feminine Sanitary Hygiene Unit
  • washrooms
  • Metal liquid hand soap dispensers
  • Gents washroom area
  • Chrome sanitary fittings
  • Chrome washroom fittings
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Washroom area


Washroom Sanitary Waste Disposal And Hygiene Services Huddersfield

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