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We have a standard colour range of dirt control mats distributed from Wakefield to suit most commercial building applications in Yorkshire, all our barrier floor mats are manufactured using high twist nylon fibres with a nit-rile rubber backing that does not warp and split like lower quality Asian imports such as PVC matting mostly sold as a a direct purchase.

Nitrile rubber mats are designed to remain flat when used as safety floor matting and this helps to reduce the trip hazards associated with PVC mats.

Our dirt control mat colours such as the Granite mat DF647 and Black steel mat DF681 are the most popular choice for dirt control mat colours due to darker backgrounds which helps to keep the appearance far longer than lighter coloured matting.

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Dirt Control Mat Colours – Industry Standard Floor Mat Sizes

  • 85cm x 150cm
  • 115cm x 175cm
  • 85cm x 300cm
  • 115cm x 240cm

Dirt control mat colours for industry in the Yorkshire region.

All our commercial dust control mats feature solution-dyed coloured nylon from leading mat manufacturers, these commercial dirt control mat colours resist fading and bleaching.

The crush-resistant high twist pile traps dirt effectively and extends the performance life of the mat, the nit-rile rubber backing is skid-resistant, anti static pile and resists oil and grease.

With a large mat delivery area we can facilitate most floor care orders for business users within our normal mat routes.

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Additional Dirt Control Mat Colours Information

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Dirt Control Mat Colours Barrier Matting At Its Best

All our dirt control mat colours are designed with commercial applications in mind and we have shown our most popular mat colours that retain dirt whilst still providing a clean appearance far longer than lighter coloured matting.