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Rentex services provide anti fatigue mats we are based in West Yorkshire and supply industrial anti fatigue rubber mats that deal with common problems associated with long periods of standing.

Anti fatigue matting encourages frequent foot movement as users move their feet more regularly to adapt to the underfoot cushioning, this assists healthy blood circulation.

Anti fatigue mats  help to insulate the users feet protecting them against cold concrete floors and is especially useful in catering, kitchen and food production areas where floor cleaning and quality floor care products are used. But can also be used in most industrial locations including; Bars, work stations, garages, workshops, shop and trade counters along with distribution and packing departments.

Independent test resulted in operators experiencing 50% more discomfort when standing on hard floors without anti fatigue mats.

Anti Fatigue Mats Construction

Our anti fatigue mats are constructed from heavy duty rubber they are easy to clean, chemical resistant and help insulate your staff from cold floors which can be a source of pain. These anti fatigue mats have chamfered edges all round to provide extra safety and prevent trips within the commercial workplace.

Anti Fatigue Mats and Industrial Applications

Rentex Hygiene anti fatigue mats are ideally suited to industrial locations where staff are standing in the same position for prolonged periods of time, available as an out right purchase anti fatigue mats provide customer service counters, packing areas, kitchens, engineering and workshops with and aid to preventing problems associated with anti fatigue.

Industrial Anti Fatigue Mat Sizes

Our commercial anti fatigue mats are available in a standard industrial size and dimensions are in (mm) W915 X L1524

Commercial Anti Fatigue Matting To Purchase

Our industrial anti fatigue matting is designed for commercial applications but can also be used in domestic areas such as garages and out door areas, please use the link below to buy these mats online.

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